PSA testing helps to certify Masons

Each year over 40,000 men across the UK are diagnosed with prostate cancer. On Saturday 9th November the North East Area arranged for brethren across the area to have their Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) score tested at the Bordon Masonic Centre in order to check for the early signs of any prostate problems.

The event was run by the Prostate Cancer Support Organisation and in a 2-hour period 64 brethren had a sample of blood taken and sent to the QA Hospital in Portsmouth for analysis. The majority of these samples require no further action, but in 4 cases the PCaSO have highlighted a potential problem where further investigation should prevent a more serious situation.

The PCaSO do not make any mandatory charges for the PSA tests, but voluntary donations on the day raised a fantastic £850 towards the Charity’s costs.

We cannot over-emphasise the importance that any brother who does not know his PSA score has this checked. The event will be organised again next year and we would hope to see a lot more brethren from across the NEA. However, if you are suffering any urinary problems then please don’t wait until next year but arrange a Doctor’s appointment straight away.

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